Tour at tour Eiffel

This year , the tour Eiffel has 121 years …

The tour Eiffel is the symbol of Paris and France …



For all my friends ,

The tour Eiffel , Paris , France , Europe …   


Paris viewed from top of tour Eiffel , 330 meters high …

We can see in the smog the sacré choeur church right , and left

the grand palais , exhibition palace built in same time as the

tour Eiffel , for the world exhibition of year 1889


Here I am on the first floor with view on the Trocadero museum


The Trocadero museum and behind the défense area buildings


Down of the Trocadero , the carroussel where children like to be on wood horses


View from high , the queue to the tour Eiffel entry


The Seine river in Paris

You see the metro , the underground train of Paris , on the second floor of the bridge

Inside the tour Eiffel

See you soon again




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