What a cute frog! Watch her and enjoy the view while there is still there , but for how long …



Being an ecologist, this is not environmentalist vote

To vote is to give voice to elect a manager for our heritage

When we vote for anyone, we do it for a politician

A politician is someone who makes compromises more or less limited to keep his place, and in the best case, appoint a good manager to act

While voting is a personal choice for a person whose charisma


Being an ecologist, is a way of being that we must absolutely pass through education

Being an ecologist, is to respect nature

Every morning, they pick up on all roads in the world, packages and packages of cigarettes, fast food packaging residues, cans and broken bottles

This should not exist

If you go to a cafeteria where vegetables are at will, look at how some people fill their plates

Also look at what’s left when they left …

You see a lot of plates containing 10 cm of vegetables, barely tasted

This should not exist

Our means

We have the ability to go into space, to heal people, to feed everyone, even 10 billion people But we can not do for lack of money …

10 billion people can live without problems on our planet

But the waste produced by these 10 billion people will bury us …

Use the moon as a civic amenity site will soon become a necessity

So when we have corrupted the earth, moon and all the other planets, what will we do ?

The earth

Our world today is the result of the terraforming of billions of human beings, animals, plants, bacteria and viruses, in short, everything that is alive

But in our changing world today, we took a bifurcation that leads us right into the wall

We gave absolute power to money

The money to increase his power, gave it to computers

And today, the computer has proclaimed its independence, and no control over anything


How did we get here?

Large corporations, aided by banks, ate small ones

Large companies have become multinationals

Multinationals are monsters eating money …

We buy a product in an emerging country, and deliver it in the consuming country

The product is billed to a shell company located in a tax heaven, at its real price

This shell company rebill the product at a very expensive rate to the consumer society , and so make an enormous profit

The buyer make then very few profit or even lose money, and thus exempt from payment of taxes …

The benefit of the shell company will be placed in the branch of one of our major global banks, located in a tax heaven

All banks, without exceptions, have established a branch in a tax heaven

These banks have to use these enormous capital, which become floating funds, only searching profitability

And to better manage these huge funds, what better than the computer …

The computer will transfer permanently , up to the millisecond, these reports capital to the more profitable way , and thus destroy the entire world economy

And today, the computer makes its law


The man must regain his land

Everything must be put again on a human scale

We must stop the worship of the god $

We must respect nature

Otherwise, nature will destroy the man


money is the human predator
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  1. fréderic Vidal says:

    thanks a lot … im a bit quiet now , but soon , new items will come … regards … frederic

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