Sumos and Geishas , 1 , Sumos

Fujiyama …

Sumos and geishas , 1, Sumos

One of my friends in my blog ask me to do an article on sumos and geishas
Unfortunately I have no personal photos to illustrate the article :
In Los Angeles, just before arriving in Tokyo, my previous film was over …
When we arrived at the airport to pick up the rental car, seeing that we were a lovely couple, the agency offered us for $ 10 more per day a beautiful white Cadillac top down
Of course, I accepted
And I made beautiful pictures in Hollywood , on Santa Monica beach, with thgis so nice car

And I finished the film in Tokyo …
But then, I see that the film was not hooked and could not work, and my camera had no light to let me know ……
When I opened it in Beijing to change it , the film was a virgin one …
Of course the camera gone to waste, and  the next gift of my children was a digital camera …

Sumo wrestlers are demigods in Japan and even today their reputation is great in the land of the rising sun
Evidence of the existence of sumos goes far back into the past
The Kojiki, the founding legend of Japan, compiled from ancient texts and oral tradition, which was written in 712, relates the exploits of sumos

I advise you to read the translation available here:

Today, they are rules for this sports, but in past time sumos fighted to death
This fight was a fertility rite

The sumo must stick to a daily training
It consumes two meals per 24 hour period, one at noon and one at 8 pm
This is the chankonabe a stew of meat, vegetables, starches bound by a creamy sauce
Sumo sleep immediately after meals, because sleep allows the immediate accumulation of fat
Sumo absorbs a large amount of protein calories , 8-10 000, per day …

The life of a sumo wrestler is governed by strict codes and a clear hierarchy that make adored hero
Before fighting, the sumo engage himself in a ritual of preparation lasts from 4 to 10 minutes, much longer than the battle itself, which sometimes lasts only a few seconds
A series of positions and gestures are intended to impress the opponent
They range from the deadly glance thighs slamming through various sensible attitudes demonstrate the strength of the wrestler
The viewer attends a ballet in ode to manhood
Sumo wrestling is considered a national art Japanese, kokugi

The origins of sumo
The first sumo match took place about 5000 years ago between the gods and Takemikazuchi Takeminakata
This is Takemikazuchi who won, and his people, the Japanese won the right to live in the archipelago
Practicing sumo since that time very popular
In the 17th century, sumo wrestlers, called toshiyoris, received huge sums of money from wealthy admirers
Today, the modern sumo Sumo is named kyokai
The greatest sumo champions are sacred “Yokozunas” supreme champions
This is the highest rank in the hierarchy sumo

Classification and level wrestlers
As in all Japanese culture, sumo is based on a very precise hierarchy
Banzuke is the list of wrestlers who will compete in a tournament
Life is organized according to the sumo wrestler’s rank: This rank is assigned according to the results of each bout
A sumo can be very well placed in the hierarchy one day, then down low in a short time
Everything depends on the results in fighting …

Feeding rikishis
Rikishis are the sumo wrestlers, whatever their level
The key in the physical preparation of a sumo is its power
This is a difficult and important training for the preparation of the wrestler, whether or not it easy to gain weight because it must weigh at least 130 kg …
In Japan, sumo is considered true gods are sex symbols, objects of lust for women, ready to fight for the approach …

The training of sumo
A wrestler has a daily workout very hard, called keiko
It is more than 30 hours per week for a sumo wrestler
To 5am, it starts with endurance exercise: a brisk 20 minutes of flexibility exercises, essential for sumo wrestlers, and strength exercises: the rikishi hits a very hard wood pillar
After 3 hours, the
wrestler begins the second part of his training, specific part sumo
There are more than 80 taken sumo
This is a fighting technique ancestral much more complex than it looks

Sumo clothes
The mawashi is holding typical wrestler
This is a piece of thick cotton cloth, like a kimono judo, 50 cm wide and 5.5 times the waist length
It should be folded on all four thicknesses
There must always be two to reach its holding to sumo
Once dressed, the rikishi can go fight

Stay tuned for more …

See you soon



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