My series : 16/10/2016

My series : 16/10/2016

Brittany : Morbihan ;

France : The Ile de France ; Vaux le Vicomte

My Travels : A bit of everything , everywhere

And also a drawing , funny or not





Brittany : Pluneret, in the Gulf of Morbihan, Chapel of St. Avoye … St. Avoye or Aure or Aurée, the tradition brought from Sicily says she refused a young man in love for its beauty. On the death of her father, her mother wished to marry her to a young king of Great Britain. And it was during this trip that the Huns murdered St. Ursula and many others. Avoye came out unharmed, but a captive barbarian chief wanted to marry her. She refused all his proposals, became free and went alone to the Boulogne area …




France, Ile de France: Vaux le Vicomte, in the gardens …




My travel souvenirs: The Concorde and some aerial views …


I like this lovely island …


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