EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds ; Newly published , Chapter 29 : Space conquest

EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds
Newly published , Chapter 29 : Space conquest

Hello ,
I just finished to wrote a new chapter of my book :
EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds
Chapter 29 : Space conquest

We have now followed the evolution of Man since 550 000 years, and although it has evolved technologically, despite phases of significant regressions, he did not changed its mind :
He’s still a savage
Today his weapon is money :
Money is the human predator
Of course, we would have been since long time much further and much faster with the conquest of space, but :
It costs money …
In fact, to make it happen , it has to be profitable
So, when it will be profitable, we will put the necessary means and we will take off
Yes, but for where ?
Where it will be profitable !


IAU Orion chart of 5th June 2011
IAU and Sky & Telescope magazine (Roger Sinnott & Rick Fienberg)
Photo Wikipédia CC : Kxx

In EARTH IS THE AIM 3, Dissolution of Gods, Dogons have taught us that it is probably on a planet orbiting around Sirius B or C that the interstellar base of the edenists can be probably found
In view of its proximity and the interest of what can be discovered, it is likely that Sirius will be one of the first scheduled destination in the phase of discovery of the conquest of space
It’s on a planet orbiting around Alnitak A , B or C, that is probably the interstellar base of Atlanteans as we have seen in previous volumes
That is why it will surely be one of the following destination




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I remind you that as long as the book is not published, it can be read FREE on my blog
Once published, it will be erased because it can stay on the blog, only a summary:



This book is the history of researching our origins
Is this our true story?
Douglas Moonstone is convinced about it …
The subject of this book is the history of the ancient civilizations ,
from -261 780, date of the beginning of the history of the men according to the Sumerians to -1000 BC, until sticking to the known history
To begin, we need to clarify the story of the Edenists and Atlanteans coming from space as gods and their interaction with humans on Earth
The Bible, Pop Wuh, Kojiki, mythology, Chinese legends and all the other legendary tales of the world, are the sources of this history, our history …
The Easter Island, the pyramids, Atlantis, and many other mysteries, appear to us in a new light
This book tells us that in Africa, people used iron 3000 years before the Europeans, that the Mayas and Hopi were developed and civilized peoples 5000 years ago, and reminds us that Chinese legends are not tales But the reality seen by the population
This book brings coherent explanations to many mysteries of our land
The existing theories explaining these mysteries are very often contradicted with each new scientific or archaeological discovery …
So far every new scientific or archaeological discovery has confirmed the theories evoked in this book …
Many of the theories found in this book already exist, but for the first time they are grouped into a sequence and a coherent story

Douglas Moonstone’s blog:


EARTH IS THE AIM 1 , Eden and China’s Gods

This is the story of the Edenist gods who came from space and
of their colonization of the Earth …
The Bible and the legends of China describe these invasions with all technical details

Just read them and forget what we have been taught:
Progress is linear, before it was not so developed
So men of antiquity were savages
Besides, they lived in the Stone Age, not knowing
neither the wheel, nor agriculture, nor technology

And yet they have left us fantastic legends, gigantic constructions, art, metallurgy, agriculture and so many other things

EARTH IS THE AIM 2 , Atlantean gods
In Volume 1, the Edenists arrived on Earth
This volume 2, will see the arrival of the Atlanteans
This will not happen without clashes …

EARTH IS THE AIM 3 , Dissolution of the gods

In Volume 1, the Edenists arrived on Earth
In Volume 2, the Atlanteans arrived on Earth
In volume 3, Atlantis been sunked , gods, without maintenance infrastructure, will dissolve themselves into the peoples

But they still want to keep the power …

EARTH IS THE AIM 4, The Tokharians

In Volume 1, the Edenists arrived on earth
In Volume 2, the Atlanteans arrived on earth
In Volume 3, without Atlantis the gods have been dissolved into the peoples

In this volume 4, we will relate the sagas of a the civilization of the Tokharians, who dominated, almost 5000 years ago, almost half of the planet
With the Mayans, their allies, who dominated almost the rest, they dominated more than 2/3 of the Earth
And nobody knows them …

Neither the Tokharians nor the Mayans …
We can say Mayans controlled the air and Tokharians controlled the seas

EARTH IS THE AIM 5, Indo-Europeans

The official theory:
The Indo-Europeans are a population arrived from nowhere and arising by spontaneous generation north of the Black Sea towards – 4000
About 1500, they conquered India and wrote the Vedas

This theory will justify British supremacy and colonization
This is what is still being learned today at school to the children in India
Yet it is well known today that the Vedas were written in the vicinity of about – 4300 …
In this volume 5 we will try to trace the true history of those who are called the Indo-European

EARTH IS THE AIM 6, Exodus and survivors

TheEarth has been adapted to the invasion of the Edenist and Atlantean gods but not without battles or genocides
In this volume, we will try to trace the history of the exoduses that have resulted from and to determine the place that has been left to the indigenous landowners who survived to the glaciations

EARTH IS THE AIM 7, Mu and the other worlds
Still on writing : expected in 2018

The Neanderthal people were taller, stronger, and more intelligent than the Sapiens ones
Who can believe that during their 520,000 years of existence they were only able to remain into the Stone Age?
They had to leave the Earth to escape to its cyclical cataclysms
But the planet where they took refuge had also its cyclical cataclysms
In fact, all planets have cyclical cataclysms
Then they returned to their land on Earth:

Actually published :

EARTH IS THE AIM 1 , Eden and China’s gods
Translated in English language by the author

To be published soon :

Actually only published in French
As soon as the french book will be ended , expected in 2018 , I will begin the translations
But you can read it in English on my blogs as follow :

EARTH IS THE AIM 2 Atlanteans gods
On :

EARTH IS THE AIM 3 Dissolving of gods
EARTH IS THE AIM 4 Tokharians
EARTH IS THE AIM 5 Indo-Europeans
EARTH IS THE AIM 6 Exodus and survivors
EARTH IS THE AIM 7 Mu and the others worlds
On :



More details on :

All the books of Douglas Moonstone and Frederic le voyageur
Are available in E-book , paper book and color printing on : / Douglas Moonstone or Frederic le voyageur


Have a good time



money is the human predator
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