Festilivres , On Sunday , October 27th , 2019 at Monéteau

On Sunday , October 27th , 2019 at Monéteau
Hi everybody

I am pleased to announce you my presence at the 30th Festilivres authors’ fair , on Sunday , October 27th , 2019 in Monéteau , near Auxerre in the Yonne

I will present the 7 volumes of DESTINATION TERRE and its English translation EARTH IS THE AIM

I hope to meet you there
Douglas Moonstone

EARTH IS THE AIM 1 , Eden and China’s Gods
It is the story of the Edenist gods who came from space and of their colonization of the Earth …
The Bible and the legends of China describe these invasions with all technical details
Just read them and forget what we have been taught :
Progress is linear , before it was not so developed
So the men in the antiquity were savages
Besides , they lived in the Stone Age , not knowing neither the wheel , nor the agriculture , nor the technology
But yet they have left us fantastic legends , gigantic constructions , art , metallurgy , agriculture and so many other things

EARTH IS THE AIM 2 , The Atlantean gods
In the Volume 1 , the Edenists arrived on Earth
In this volume 2 , we will see the arrival of the Atlanteans
This will not happen without clashes …
The menhirs and the megaliths which cover all the Earth , are Atlanteans
As so well told by the Tibetean monks , they are the needles which rely the forces of the Earth to the forces of the sky

EARTH IS THE AIM 3 , Dissolution of the gods
In the Volume 1 , the Edenists arrived on Earth
In the Volume 2 , the Atlanteans arrived on Earth
In this volume 3 , Atlantis been sunked , the gods , without maintenance infrastructures , will dissolve themselves into the peoples
But they still want to keep the power …

EARTH IS THE AIM 4 , The Tokharians
In the Volume 1 , the Edenists arrived on earth
In the Volume 2 , the Atlanteans arrived on earth
In the Volume 3 , without Atlantis , the gods have been dissolved into the peoples
In this volume 4 , we will relate the sagas of a the civilization of the Tokharians , who dominated , towards 5000 years ago , almost the half of the planet
With the Mayans , their allies , who dominated almost the rest , they dominated more than the 2/3 of the Earth
And nobody knows them …

Neither the Tokharians nor the Mayans …
We can summarize by saying that Mayans controlled the skies and that the Tokharians controlled the seas

EARTH IS THE AIM 5 , The Indo-Europeans
The official theory:
The Indo-Europeans are a population arrived from nowhere and arising by spontaneous generation at the North of the Black Sea towards -4000
Towards -1500 , they conquered India and wrote the Vedas
This theory will justify the British supremacy and colonization
Yet it is well known today that the Vedas were written towards -4300 …
In this volume 5 , we will try to trace the true history of those who are called the Indo-European

EARTH IS THE AIM 6 , Exodus and survivors
The Earth has been adapted to the invasion of the Edenist and Atlantean gods
But not without battles or genocides
In this volume , we will try to trace the history of the exoduses that have resulted from it and to determine the place that has been left to the indigenous landowners who survived to the glaciations

EARTH IS THE AIM 7 , Mu and the other worlds
The Neanderthal peoples were taller , stronger , and more intelligent than the Sapiens ones
Who can believe that during their 520 000 years of existence they were only able to remain into the Stone Age ?
They had to leave the Earth to escape to its cyclical cataclysms
But the planet where they took refuge had also its cyclical cataclysms
In fact , all planets have cyclical cataclysms
Then they returned to their land on Earth:

All my books are available on amazon.fr or amazon.com
in E–Book or Paperback book or Colour printed


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